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Artwork And Assistive Technology

My ardour in teaching has always been to challenge ALL kids, not most. convince the proletariat that the ethics inoculated into it’s depraved, that the unbridled work to which it has given itself up for the final hundred years is probably the most terrible scourge that has ever struck humanity, that work will become a mere condiment to the pleasures of idleness, a helpful train to the human organism, a ardour useful to the social organism only when wisely regulated and restricted to a most of three hours a day; that is an arduous task beyond my energy.

In the identical approach, Apple’s iPhone has been marketed as a full-service consumable gadget, and our society has fallen head over heels for them. The advertising technique of Apple sells a product that is cool and covetable. The iPhone is a status symbol, an object. If industry started selling a product that … Read More